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We translate a powerful technology, based on cutting edge nanotechnology and biotechnology, into a protein detection system for early disease diagnosis and drug development.

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Protein detection using nanopores
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Fast and direct protein analysis
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Single-molecule measurement
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Unprecedented sensitivity

Protein analysis is crucial for diagnostics, drug discovery, and life sciences. Despite the importance of protein analysis, current protein detection technologies have severe limitations. We are developing a revolutionary detection system that will allow for sequencing proteins on the molecular level. The sequencing platform enables fast and direct protein analysis and brings unprecedented detection sensitivity.

Nanopores are the core of our sequencing technology. The elegance of the technology is its simplicity. This ‘single-molecule’ technique has shown remarkable potential for the sequencing of biopolymers such as DNA. In a nanopore sensor, an insulating membrane separates two compartments filled with an ionic solution, and a nanometer-sized pore is created for the translocation of molecules

When a voltage is applied across the membrane, current flows through the nanometer-sized aperture. Molecules passing through the nanopore modulate the current, which provides the sensor signal. The signal provides information on the sequence and molecular variations of the smallest scale. The electronic nature of the platform enables fast measurements in a device with the size of an USB stick.

We combine extensive experience in the development of nanopore systems and in-depth knowledge of the experimental aspects of the nanopore sequencing approach.

About Us

Bluemics evolved from a team of scientists with the ambition to translate the many years of applied research into a technology. We have proven the concept of our technology and are continuing our path towards commercialization. We have several openings. Contact us for further information.

Our mission is to translate our world-leading research into products that can improve the way we make discovery in life sciences and treat patients in the clinic


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